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A collective focused on fighting injustice through the use of Nonviolent Direct Action

Hello, we are CAW, a decentralized network of activists working to achieve positive left social change in the Denver Metro Area.

We formed out of a group called Extinction Rebellion due to some degree of ecofascist leanings at the national level. However during our time with them we were able to pull off many cool actions such as:

  • Shutting down first avenue near Cherry Creek Mall on Black Friday by dressing up as elves and bike-locking our necks to a custom built sleigh.
  • Infiltrating Gov. Polis’s 2020 State of the State and supergluing ourselves and banners in an attempt to disrupt the event.
  • Helping to run the Ice Camp at the Aurora ICE Detention Facility.

We are hoping to do both share our experience doing these actions in trainings, and hopefully plan and schedule more moving forward!

Last updated on Oct 09, 2020 00:00 UTC
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